YOU ABSOLUTE HUND: Woman Dumps Disabled Sausage Dog At Vets

This is the heartbreaking moment a paralysed Dachshund struggles to follow its owner out of the vet when she abandons it over a GBP 21 bill.

The pooch – called Pino – had been taken into the clinic in Tyumen, southern Russia, for an examination of its legs.

But, report local media, when she was told it would cost RUB 1,500 (GBP 21), she walked out leaving the Dachshund behind.

The disabled dog who was apparently abandoned at a vet clinic in Tyumen, Russia. (@klever_vet/Newsflash)

Shocking CCTV footage from the surgery shows the dog desperately trying to follow its owner up a flight of steps to the exit.

An eyewitness said the dog was trying to crawl on its injured legs as the woman got in her car and sped away from the vets.

The three-year-old dog hit the headlines in Russia after the incident and the woman was reportedly targeted by outraged netizens.

The disabled dog who was apparently abandoned at a vet clinic in Tyumen, Russia. (@klever_vet/Newsflash)

She later claimed that the dog was not hers and that she found it on the street, adding that she simply wanted to help but was put off by the high costs involved.

However, clinic staff and many netizens did not believe her, and she reportedly suffered online abuse as a result, leading to her threatening to sue the clinic for defamation, according to reports.

Meanwhile, caring netizens launched an online campaign to raise funds for the dog that has so far reached RUB 800,000 (GBP 11,440).

Woman apparently leaves a disabled dog at a vet clinic in Tyumen, Russia. (@klever_vet/Newsflash)

The funds will help pay for the dog’s treatment and anything extra will be distributed among the local shelters the clinic works with.

Dozens of kindhearted netizens have also expressed their interest in adopting the disabled Dachshund.

The dog underwent surgery on 7th July and is currently recovering at the clinic where it has been described as “moderately active”.

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