Yuki The Cute Husky Goes Viral For Munching On Snow And Warming Up Cat Pals

This fun-loving pooch given a new home with a family of four cats after being rescued as a puppy has delighted online followers as he gambles in the snow and lets them use him as a fluffy mattress to warm up afterwards.

Yuki the Siberian husky lives in the city of Osaka in the Japanese prefecture of the same name with his four cat pals and owner Kamoshika, 31.

Kamoshika shares videos of her pets on Twitter, with Yuki recently going viral in several clips.

The dog named Yuki belonging to Kamoshika (31) from Osaka, Japan. (@b09a2032c/Newsflash)

One video posted on Twitter on 8th February, viewed 640,000 times, shows the cute husky munching on ice and diving into snowdrifts headfirst.

Another clip of Yuki acting as a warm mattress for his cat housemates Ren and San has been viewed 183,000 times in one week.

At one point, Ren gets up and walks away from the pair, leaving San to enjoy a warm cuddle with Yuki on their own.

The dog named Yuki belonging to Kamoshika (31) from Osaka, Japan, in a photo with one of the cats named San. (@b09a2032c/Newsflash)

Kamoshika told Newsflash that she rescued her dog and four cats and raised them from babies.

She added: “Their favourite foods are Ciao Churu products.”

Kamoshika said: “I like going sightseeing with the dog and I sleep with all of them.”

The dog named Yuki belonging to Kamoshika (31) from Osaka, Japan. (@b09a2032c/Newsflash)

She told Newsflash that they are all friendly animals and that she has no immediate plans to adopt any more.

Twitter user ‘Girlslove_noboy’ commented: “I thought that husky is really amazing when I watched this. When I let my dog loose in the snow, I saw it had eyes like ‘jeez, this is cold’.”

Netizen ‘Cat Maji’ wrote: “The husky is drinking water from the snow. Love it.”

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