A Diver Who Swims With Aquatic Predators Shares Stunning Images Of Indian Ocean Underwater Life #OYT

A video shows an Octopus being the master of camouflage in the underwater world

The video showing the cuddly underwater was filmed on the island of Maldives on the 30th of May.

Although at first sight, it might seem like that it changes colour very easily, in reality, it uses a combination of muscles, pigment and nerves to change its external appearance.

A photo of Rafhan Ahmed, 27, in Maldives. (@raffrafey/Clipzilla)

The creator of the video, Rafhan Ahmed, 27, who is a diver and content creator who shares his underwater adventures told Newsflash “Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally diverse of all invertebrates.”

Rafhan has also shared a video of him diving with a colony of nurse sharks. He says it was “surreal, amazing and peaceful all at the same time.”

Even though he swims very close to the sharks he enjoyed the experience, he claims “They are not dangerous”.

Rafhan Ahmed, 27, filmed an Octopus in Maldives. (@raffrafey/Clipzilla)

By sharing his videos he tries to show people how magnificent the underwater world is. “I have never seen a place so fascinating than the underwater.”

“People should not be afraid.”

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