ASSAULT CHARGE: British Woman Lawyer Beaten By Manager At 5 Star Turkish Hotel

A wealthy UK businessman and his British lawyer wife have reported the manager of a 5-star hotel in Turkey to cops after claiming the woman was beaten by him when she tried to collect something she had forgotten.

Businessman Hadi Kurtulan, 46, who according to Turkish media owns a car rental firm in the UK, had gone with his lawyer wife Toma Jasinauskaite Kurtulan , 39, to the five-star hotel in the city of Manavgat in Turkey’s Antalya province to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary.

After they left Toma said she realised she had forgotten something and went back to the hotel to retrieve it, where the staff, including the night manager, refused to allow her back inside.

In the footage, the manager appears to be pushing the blonde woman away from the entrance and she then steps away from him, seemingly to make a phone call.

She claims that he then insulted her and then pushed her, and then when she went towards him he physically grabbed her, dragged her down the path and then threw her on the floor.

She later showed images of her leg injuries which she said was caused after she was assaulted by the manager.

The couple had gone to the region because they have a holiday home there and said that previously they had always used the hotel when visiting, and had not had bad experiences.

He said: “I don’t understand why we were treated so badly. We used to come to stay at this hotel regularly. I can’t understand why we were t suddenly handled like this now.

He said that the whole business had turned their wedding anniversary into a nightmare and added: “The person involved in the assault I later learned was the night manager at the hotel, he beat my wife and pushed her out. He insulted me about my wife as well. We want that man to be punished.”

The couple has filed a complaint with the police who have confirmed they are investigating but made no further comment on the incident, that happened on Aug 20.

She was treated at the Manavgat State Hospital for her injuries and said that the pain lasted for at least two days before it started to subside. She was also in hospital for six hours of treatment and included all of this detail in the complaint as well.

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