Babol The Sniffer Dog Helps Italian Customs To Seize 338 Gold Coins And Cash Worth Over EUR 610,000

Babol the sniffer dog has helped Italian customs officers to seize 338 gold coins worth over EUR 360,000 and over EUR 250,000 in cash after they busted an Austrian citizen attempting to evade them.

The Austrian citizen, who has not been named, is said to have been apprehended in possession of over EUR 250,000 (GBP 208,000) in cash, divided into Euro, Swiss franc, and US dollar banknotes, as well as 338 gold coins weighing approximately 8.3 kilogrammes (18 lbs) and valued at approximately EUR 360,000 (GBP 299,000).

The Austrian citizen was busted in the city of Genoa after a German Shepherd called Babol, a sniffer dog with the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian financial police, detected the cash and coins, which had been cleverly hidden inside some hand luggage.

The cash and coins, which were cleverly hidden in the hand luggage, were found, thanks to the nose of the dog “Babol”, a splendid example of a German shepherd belonging to the canine unit in Genoa in Italy. (GuardiaDiFinanza/Newsflash)

The bust was the result of cooperation between the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), with footage shared online by the Italian financial police showing officers counting the gold coins and vast sums of cash.

In the footage, the seized goods can be seen strewn all over a table, with EUR 100 notes and EUR 50 notes clearly present, as well as large gold coins glistening in the light. Pieces of jewellery can also be seen on the table.

It is currently unclear if the Austrian citizen has been detained and officially charged with any crimes. It is also unclear what penalties he potentially faces.

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