Body Modification Addict Dubbed Human Satan Suffers Complications From Surgery

A heavily-tattooed body modification addict dubbed ‘Human Satan’ has suffered complications following corrective surgery and will have to undergo a further operation today.

Michel Faro Praddo of the Brazilian city of Praia Grande underwent liposuction and a tummy tuck in March this year. He had excess skin and even his belly button removed.

The 46-year-old tattoo artist said he recovered well, but noticed there was still a little excess skin left behind so he had corrective surgery on 28th June.

Michel Faro Prado from Brazil, known for mutilating his body to look like the devil. (@diabaopraddo/Newsflash)

His heavily-tattooed wife Carol said: “The days went by and his stitches began opening. We’re not managing to make it close on its own.”

Michel reports feeling in pain and says he remains lying down as he cannot move around. He will undergo surgery today (Thursday 8th July) as his approximately 40-centimetre- (15.7-in-) long open wound may be infected.

Carol, who also has a number of body modifications and is dubbed the ‘Demoness’, did a live stream on social media to ask for donations from members of the public to pay for the procedure, which will be carried out at a private hospital.

Michel Faro Prado from Brazil, known for mutilating his body to look like the devil. (@diabaopraddo/Newsflash)

The 36-year-old woman managed to raise slightly over BRL 2,400 (GBP 333) to pay for her husband-of-10-years’ operation in under 24 hours.

Michel’s body modifications include ‘horns’ implanted in his forehead, the removal of part of his nose, ears and even his ring finger, and the addition of silver dentures. Eighty-five percent of his body is tattooed.

Despite his devilish appearance, he recently admitted that he believes in God.

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