STOOL PIGEON: Cops Seize Prison Carrier Pigeon With Cannabis Tied To Neck

Prison cops have seized a carrier pigeon transporting cannabis to an inmate.

The bird was intercepted by officials as it tried to fly into Huancayo Prison in Peru’s central Junin Region.

The National Police of Peru said the winged trafficker was found with a small cannabis-filled package around its neck.

The pigeon that tried to carry drug inside a prison in Peru in May 2022. (@PoliciaPeru/Newsflash)

Now the luckless pigeon is doing bird after officials said it has not been released and is being detained in a “safe place”.

Peru’s National Police explained: “Officers found a pigeon with a black circular package containing marijuana tied around its neck at the main door of the Huancayo Penitentiary Establishment.

“The little bird was put in a safe place.”

Police also shared two photos of the bird being scooped up by a nimble-fingered cop.

The pigeon that tried to carry drug inside a prison in Peru in May 2022. (@PoliciaPeru/Newsflash)

One photo shows the bulky package the pigeon had been carrying around its neck during its flight into the Peruvian prison.

According to reports, inmates often come up with new and creative ways of smuggling phones and drugs into prison and it was not the first time a drug-laden pigeon has been found by eagle-eyed guards.

The authorities did not mention whether they have identified the intended recipient of the cannabis package.

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