Bush Guide Conquers Social Media With Captivating Images Of Western Australia Taken On His Mobile Phone

An outback bush guide has become an online hit by sharing images of the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife in his beloved Western Australia.

Malcolm Roberts, 50 known on Instagram as ‘Aussie Bush Guide’, is born and bred in the city of Perth in the Australian state of Western Australia.

He told Newsflash: “I have travelled to all Australian states and many countries overseas, but my passion is Western Australia.

A photo of a kangaroo by Malcolm Roberts, 50, from Western Australia. (@aussiebushguide/Newsflash )

“I fell in love with photography during my overseas travels in my early 20s. On returning to Perth, I studied photography, obtaining my Certificate of Photography.

“This led to starting my own business, travelling southern Western Australia taking photos and making them into my own postcards to sell.

“I have always enjoyed the incredible variety of beautiful West Australian places.”

A photo of Malcolm Roberts, 50, from Western Australia. (@aussiebushguide/Newsflash )

Malcolm told Newsflash: “Tour guiding is my job, but it allows me to visit and photograph some of Western Australia’s most beautiful places. People message me on Instagram and tell me that my photos inspire them. I love to hear that.

“I don’t use any special effects or filters. Most of my photos are taken quickly during a tour, while I’m walking with guests. No time for tripods or mucking around!

“I have to spot the subject, consider my composition and take the photo. If necessary, I research the subject to add interest to my Insta post. I use my phone camera, again, because I am busy working.”

A photo of Stunning Hancock Gorge by Malcolm Roberts, 50, from Western Australia. (@aussiebushguide/Newsflash )

Malcolm, who shares his images on his Instagram page, said: “Other photos on my Insta are from holidays when I have had a bit more time to explore and find a hidden subject, such as a rare orchid.

“We are so blessed to be the Wildflower State, filled with spectacular wildflowers. It makes going out to take photos so rewarding. I’m looking forward to offering wildflower tours in the near future.”

He added: “Kermit’s Pool in Karijini National Park is a magic spot and one of my favourite national parks. The red banded ironstone gorges, carpets of wildflowers and beautiful hikes make it a special place. Definitely a West Australian bucket list destination.”

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