California Daycare Owner Arrested For Killing Girl, 1, In Her Care

A California daycare owner has been arrested for killing a one-year-old girl in her care.

The police were called to the daycare centre on W. Sunnyside Avenue in the city of Visalia in the US state of California on 3rd November.

Officers found the one-year-old tot unresponsive and immediately took her to the Kaweah Health Medical Center.

Amanda Taylor, 41, is in custody after a one-year-old baby suffered critical injuries while in her care at a day-care she ran in her home in Visalia, USA, on 5th November. (Visalia Police Department/Newsflash)

The police were called back to the medical centre after doctors confirmed that the girl had been the victim of abuse.

Police spokesperson Jared Hughes said: “The injuries the child had were something that we don’t see as being accidental. It was something that was definitely related to abuse.”

The baby was taken to Valley Children’s Hospital where she passed away on 8th November, leading to an upgraded charge of murder.

The police said the suspect, named as Amanda Taylor, 41, who holds a valid childcare license, was the only adult with the victim when she was injured.

The Visalia Police Department said in an update: “Despite the efforts of Kaweah Health and Valley Children’s Hospital, the juvenile victim passed away from her injuries on 11/08/2021.”

The police added that Taylor’s charges have been “amended to include homicide”, adding that they have received “additional reports of child abuse by Amanda Taylor and is conducting additional investigations”.

The police said they were “informed by doctors that the juvenile sustained non accidental injuries. The infant was in critical condition and was airlifted to Valley Children’s Hospital”.

The home of Amanda Taylor, 41, where a one-year-old baby suffered critical injuries while at a day-care she ran in her home in Visalia, USA, on 5th November. (Newsflash)

“After executing a search warrant at the Imagination Playhouse daycare and conducting numerous interviews, detectives learned that the infant sustained her injuries while at the daycare and under the care of Amanda Taylor.”

On 5th November, the Violent Crimes Unit obtained an arrest warrant and the suspect was booked into the Tulare County Adult Pre-Trial Facility.

The local authorities are calling on parents and anyone with addition information to come forward, especially if they suspect their child was injured “while in the care of Imagination Playhouse”.

According to reports, Taylor was reported to the social services department last year after a child suffered an “unexplained fracture” while she was caring for the youngster.

As a result, the police suspect that there could be more victims and want to speak to any parents who believe their child may have been abused at the centre.

The investigation is ongoing.

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