Chicago Cops Stage Moving Tribute For Fallen Cop Who Was Mother Of Two Month Old Baby

Chicago cops have paid tribute to fallen officer Ella French that included a blue light parade under an arch formed by the ladders from two fire engines flying the American flag.

Two brothers have since been charged with murdering 29-year-old Ella French after exchanging gunfire following a traffic stop.

The young woman police officer joined the Chicago Police Community Safety Team in 2018 and was carrying out the traffic stop with her male police officer partner at around 9 pm on 7th August.

The car stopped in the city’s South Side had two men and a woman inside, and one of the people inside then opened fire at the police officers, who returned shots.

The police officer was killed as a result, and the two men inside the car, both brothers, were arrested.

Emonte Morgan, 21, has been charged with first-degree murder of a police officer, as well as two counts of attempted first-degree murder and aggregated unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal.

His 22-year-old brother, Eric, is also facing charges including aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon by a criminal and obstructing justice.

After the shooting that left Ella dead and her partner hospitalised, police staged a protest and shared it with their followers on Facebook with the message: “Rest in peace, Officer Ella French. We will never forget what you have done to protect the people of Chicago. We will continue on in your honour.”

Her fellow community safety officers also staged a tribute by organising a prayer service and a balloon release in memory of their fallen colleague. It was shared with the hashtag #neverforget.

It reported that Ella is the first female police officer to die in Chicago in the line of duty since 1988. She was one of 10 people killed during gun violence in the Windy City over the weekend that also included 64 wounded.

Her brother, an Iraq War veteran, told local media that God had taken “the wrong kid”.

He told the Chicago Tribune: “She was the epitome of a good Samaritan. And she was the best sister. It didn’t matter what I was going through or how hard things were hitting me, she was always there.”

She leaves behind a two-month-old daughter.

Her partner, who is hospitalised, is said to be in a critical condition. He is 39, married, and the father of a boy. He was apparently hit three times, including one shot that went through his eye and remains stuck in the back of his head, and another that struck him in the shoulder.

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