CONCRETE EVIDENCE: Man Charged Over Murder of DJ Sunk In Lake Tied To Cement Block

A man accused of killing a DJ and sinking her body in a lake tied to a concrete block is facing murder charges, prosecutors in Switzerland have announced.

The identity of the 31-year-old woman had baffled police after she was pulled from the bottom of Lake Thun near the town of Gunten in January of last year.

It was only discovered when investigators revealed that she had a tattoo of star DJ Gayle San’s name on her back.

An owl tattoo, on one of the victim’s shoulder blades. (Kapo Bern/Newsflash)

San posted images of the woman’s tattoos on social media and asked her worldwide fanbase for help identifying her.

The victim was eventually revealed to be Jasmin Probst from Muenchenstein near Basel.

Now the Oberland state prosecution announced that the main suspect – a 37-year-old Swiss man who had been arrested 10 days after the body had been retrieved – would face murder charges.

A tattoo of the words “Gayle San”, on the woman’s back. (Kapo Bern/Newsflash)

Christoph Scheurer is a spokesperson for the regional state prosecution.

Scheurer said: “The state prosecution has now finished its investigations.

“The suspect will be charged with murder. He admits a connection with the woman’s death but claims it has been an accident.

The unidentified woman has a tattoo “Gayle San”, which might refer to the Singaporean DJane with the same name. (Newsflash)

The suspect – who was based in the same region as the victim – has been in preventive custody since May of this year.

Scheurer added: “He told investigators that he had dumped her body after having suffered an anxiety attack himself.”

The spokesman said it was still unclear where the murder had happened.

Enteneck, the place where the dead woman’s body was taken out of the water by the emergency services. (Newsflash)

But it has been reported that prosecutors assume that the suspect had seriously injured his victim before choking her to death. It is assumed that he took her body to the lake by car.

Jasmin’s body was retrieved by a water police unit after a hobby diver discovered her.

She had been tied to a 40-kilo cement block from a construction site before being dumped into the Alpine lake.

A safety footplate, supposedly used by the murderer to sunk the woman’s body at the bottom of the lake. (Kapo Bern/Newsflash)

A date for the trial has not yet been determined.

Gayle San acted as a warmup DJ for top bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool and the Gang in Singapore in the 1980s.

She became one of the most popular DJs in the London techno scene in the 1990s at venues like the Limelight and Final Frontier Club UK.

The 31-year-old Swiss DJane from Basel, Jasmin Probst, who was found dead in Lake Thun. (@jasmin.probst1/Newsflash)

The victim had a tattoo of San’s name on her back as well as a huge inking of an owl.

Jasmin has been described by friends as kind and open-minded.

Her childhood had been spent in orphanages.

The 31-year-old Swiss DJane from Basel, Jasmin Probst, who was found dead in Lake Thun. (@jasmin.probst1/Newsflash)

And she reportedly experienced money problems as an adult after COVID-19 shut down of the local music scene.

A senior Gunten resident told a local newspaper after news of the crime emerged: “I live right by the lake, we didn’t notice anything here in the centre of the village.

“I find it shocking that someone was apparently killed in our quiet village.”

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