Cops Race To Tackle Masked Gunmen Who Were Actors Filming A Heist For Netflix Series

This is the tense moment Spanish authorities surround a City Hall with weapons drawn after the local mayor failed to inform them a crew was filming a heist there for an upcoming Netflix series.

The dramatic moments were filmed at the City Hall in the municipality of Alginet in the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia on Sunday 25th April.

Local media said stunned residents saw four hooded people holding machine guns enter the building causing them to panic and immediately contact the authorities.


However, what they did not know was that the supposed criminals were actors filming a heist for an upcoming Netflix series called ‘Powerboys’, directed by Aitor Espert, and coming in 2022.

The video shows five Spanish Civil Guard squad cars at the scene as agents surround the building and hold their weapons drawn.

A second video shows moments after the tense moments calmed down and a woman can be heard jokingly saying: “Five Civil Guard patrol cars and five hooded people with machine guns inside the City Hall. This is crazy.”


There were conflicting reports of the number of ‘hooded gunmen’ in the building but most local sources have reported it was four.

The video ends with the same person apparently laughing at the strange situation saying: “My God, what a scare.”

Since the cast and crew had received permission to film their heist at the City Hall, local Mayor Jose Vicente Alemany has now come under criticism for failing to ensure that the local police and Civil Guard were informed about the filming over the weekend.


Local media said four patrol cars were forced to move from their designated locations to assist in Alginet removing important resources from nearby towns during the incident.

Local sources said officials from the Valencia government have asked for a report by the Civil Guard but it is unclear if any sanctions are on the table.

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