Pregnant Woman In Germany Stabbed 60 Times And Almost Beheaded Before Body Covered In Leaves Near Her Parents Home

A Turkish man living in Germany has reportedly admitted to almost severing his pregnant girlfriends head and then stabbing her 60 times before hiding her remains near her parents’ house under a pile of leaves.

The alleged killer, identified only as Alim K., 23, because of local privacy laws, lived in the city of Hamm in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia where he has reportedly admitted that he slaughtered his ex-girlfriend Juvy-Ann, 22, in a car park.

She was in the fourth month of pregnancy, and the suspect allegedly knifed the 22-year-old woman 60 times in January 2021, killing her and their unborn child. He had also cut her throat so deeply that her head was almost severed.


Afterwards, he reportedly buried the bloodstained corpse about 100 metres (328 feet) from her parent’s house.

Under interrogation on 16th April, the suspect confessed to the killing although he could not explain why he lost control as he wanted to be a father, according to Bild.

The 23-year-old Turkish native apologised and said he regrets his actions.


However, Juvy-Ann’s family told local media that Alim K. used to control, beat, and abuse the young woman.

Her parents claimed that he even cut her hair once due to his uncontrollable ego and pride. He also allegedly threatened to kill her if she ever thought of leaving him.

Juvy-Ann’s mother said: “She was beaten up and tortured, but she kept going back to him.”


However, despite the severe brutality of the crime, the suspect will not face trial yet as the investigation is not complete.

Public prosecutor Felix Giesenregen, 35, told Bild: “After the investigation was completed, details of the murder could not be established with the necessary certainty.”

Dr Arabella Pooth, 38, criminal law specialist, explained: “Because murder is punishable by a life sentence, the legislature has set particularly high standards. For example, the act must have been insidious, committed out of greed or other so-called base motives. Other murder characteristics such as lust, cruelty or covering up of another crime rarely play a role in trials.”


Further investigations will reveal whether Alim K. faces life imprisonment.

In addition, an ex-partner of the Turkish suspect has since accused him of rape which is also being looked into.

The investigation continues.

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