Cow Stranded On Ice Floe Saves Itself By Calmly Walking Onto River Bank


This is the strange moment a stranded cow calmly walks off a floating pack of ice and onto safe ground after being swept away by the river.

The bizarre moment was captured by locals at the Zilim river in the region of Gafurian in the south-western Russian republic of Bashkiria.

It is unclear when exactly it occurred, but the footage was posted online and made headlines in Russian media which confirmed it was genuine yesterday (15 April).


The video shows the stranded cow standing on a large ice floe and is heard mooing as it walks in the opposite direction of the river’s current.

The stunned filmmaker changes the angle to show the ice-covered river and other people standing nearby watching the scene unfold as the farm animal risks being swept away by the current.

The footage goes on to show the cow patiently walking off the ice and safely onto the river bank as some of the people are heard laughing, and the filmmakers change the angle to show a tractor appearing to drive across the river.


The video ends as the resilient cow walks past the person filming and up the river.

It is unclear how the farm animal ended up in that situation or who it belonged to.

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