Digital Artist Wows Web With Photoshop Illustrations Of Favourite Film Characters

This 21-year-old Italian digital artist is wowing the web with his Photoshop illustrations of his favourite movie characters.

Adriano Schupffer, 21, who says he “simply loves Photoshop”, works from his home in the city of Naples in the Italian region of Campania.

Adriano told Newsflash: “Photoshop is my job, at the moment I do commissions for clients, but my dream is to be able to live from my art.

Adriano Schupffer,21, creates with the help of photoshop superheroes in Naples, Italy. (@adrygraphics/Newsflash)

“I became passionate about Photoshopping completely at random, just scrolling my Instagram feed one day I saw an artist-created image done on Photoshop. I was in love with it, and then I realised I wanted to do this. To be able to create everything I want, simply by imagining it and using Photoshop.”

Adriano, whose designs include Spider-Man, Falcon, and Star Wars characters, added: “There isn’t a specific way I choose subjects for my Photoshopping, I just love the world of superheroes, space art, and fantasy, so I mainly aim to create something related to those themes.”

Adriano told Newsflash that his hardest image so far was the Thor illustration, adding that it kept him busy for several days “because I was never satisfied with the lightning that surrounds him”.

Picture shows Thor done in photoshop by Adriano Schupffer, 21, from Naples, Italy. (@adrgrafics/Newsflash)

He added: “I have many people who inspire me in this field and I think I can be successful
because this is a goal I want to achieve”.

The Instagram users were quick to leave comments under the post with Thor as like the user named ‘
hbphotoshop’ who said: “Love this dude! Great work!”

And the user ‘’ commented: “Fire again!”

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