A Herd Of Rescued Elephants Seen Walking Down Road

HERD ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE South Africa: This is the incredible moment a whole herd of rescued elephants come walking down the road. The amazing sight was captured in South Africa and shared by Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) staff on 3rd June. According to the elephant orphanage, the video shows the elephant Lundi waving her ears while coming down with her adoptive daughter, Khanyisa, right behind her. Footage also captures the orphaned elephants Timisa and Kumbura that are nearby with Somopane and Sebakwe. Klaserie and her mother end up in the front of the herd after Lundi veers off with the young females and Khanyisa. The staff wrote in a statement: “Keeping the rescued herd together is vital for their own protection, so moving in a tight herd from a grazing area to another grazing area, swimming dam or drinking waterhole is important, so as not to leave anyone behind, especially not the most vulnerable in the herd, like Khanyisa.

“Once in a set area for a few hours, the elephants roam about and forage or dust bathe but remain always aware of one another, and the different groups they stay in within the herd.”

Tamlin Wightman, the HERD media manager told Clipzilla: “Our purpose is to care for and rehabilitate orphaned and displaced elephant calves and ultimately integrate them into a new herd of elephants. “WORDS: 226

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