Dog That Spent 2 Days Stuck On Thin Ledge Suspended 100 Metres Above Ravine Saved By Mountain Rescue

This is the moment a member of a special mountain rescue team abseils down the side of a sheer cliff edge to save a dog who had spent two days stuck on a small ledge 100 metres up and barking for help.

The dramatic rescue was carried out by the Special Mountain Intervention Rescue Group (GREIM) at the La Foz Lumbier ravine located in the Northern Spanish region of Navarre this Tuesday (4th May).

Local news outlet Navarra report that the dog named Canela, a one-year-old Andalusian Hound, ran off into the hills after her owner let her off the leash two days before the rescue (2nd May).


The 76-year-old dog owner who was not named immediately called the police who tracked Canela to the 100-metre (328-foot) deep ravine after several walkers alerted them to the sound of a distressed dog barking in the area.

However, it is not clear how Canela ended up on the ledge which is estimated to be 55 metres (180 feet) below the top of the cliff without picking up any serious injuries.

The police were not equipped to carry out the daunting rescue operation so they requested the services of GREIM.


The footage shows an agent from GREIM abseiling down the cliff face whilst his partner keeps him anchored to the top of the cliff.

The abseiler makes his way down the vertical drop avoiding protruding rocks and branches along the way.

As he gets closer Canela begins to rush backwards and forwards in excitement along the tiny ledge which authorities estimated was just 0.5 metres (1.6 feet) wide.


Canela excitedly greets her rescuers who then hook her up to a safety harness and carry her to safety.

GREIM then returns the dog to its owner who was nervously watching the rescue operation from a distance.

Navarra reports that the dog was in good condition when it was handed over to its owner despite spending several days without water just inches from falling to its death.


Antonio Manuel Duran, First Sargeant of GREIM, said that: “The best gift for us was seeing the joy on the owners face when we returned the dog.”

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