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Enthusiastic Dog Sends Owner Flying After Running Over To Greet Him

An overenthusiastic dog sent its master flying after it bounded over to greet him in the morning – and skidded on the wet ground.

The incident happened at a house in Huzhou in China’s Zhejiang Province when the man, Mr. Lin, in a white T-shirt walked into the car park with a cigarette in his mouth, on 9th July.

He then started to walk across the wet car park in his sandals when he was spotted by the large dog, which bounds over enthusiastically to greet him. But when it tries to stop in front of him it slips on the wet ground and knocks the man’s feet out from underneath him.

A man is ‘knocked down’ by his dog in Huzhou, China, on 9th July 2021. (AsiaWire)

The man can be heard groaning as he crashes to the ground and is clearly in pain as he lies on the wet surface in his white trousers.

The man said after the video went viral that he wasn’t annoyed with the dog, and it was just happy to see him with unfortunate consequences.

Online commentators compare the dogs mad dash to a flying tackle in football.

A man about to be ‘knocked down’ by his dog in Huzhou, China, on 9th July 2021. (AsiaWire)

Others said that it wouldn’t be so funny if it was an old woman or a child, and urged the man to keep it on a rope in future.

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