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Malay Spiderman Filmed Dangerously Scaling Exterior Of High Rise To Rob Residents

This is the moment a ‘Spiderman’ robber is filmed scaling the exterior of a high-rise apartment block to rob residents.

The footage was filmed by an audibly astonished onlooker in a nearby building in the suburb of Tampoi in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru on the afternoon of 7th July.

The footage shows the man scaling the exterior of the high-rise building from the 14th floor to the 18th floor and then back down again.

He appears to accomplish the feat with ease and agility and is apparently unperturbed by the sheer drop beneath him. It is unclear if he reached the 14th floor via the same method.

According to one resident, the wiry man tried to enter his flat via his balcony door, which he and his son held closed from the inside.

A man was caught climbing balconies at a condominium in an attempt to rob a resident living there, in Johor Bahru, Indonesia, on 7th July, according to local media. (VOICE/CEN)

He said the man tried to open it and threatened them with a gun, demanding they let him into their flat.

The fire brigade was called to the scene and firemen arrested the man on the 19th floor balcony as he tried to break into the corresponding apartment.

They detained the 30-year-old man at the scene before police officers arrived and took him to a local police station.

He has not been named and it is unclear what charges he faces. It was also not reported if he managed to steal anything or if he was taken into preventive custody.

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