Firefighters Rescue Little Dog That Fell Into Breakwater At Italian Beach

This is the moment a lost little dog is rescued from the rocks of a breakwater at an Italian beach.

The rescue took place in the coastal city of Crotone in the southern Italian region of Calabria on 14th February.

The fire brigade said they had received a call about a dog that was trapped between the rock walls of a breakwater, and firefighters on the scene found it about six metres (20 feet) down.

Fire Brigade crew rescued a puppy who fell among the rocks of the pier in Crotone in Italy on the 14th of February 2022. ( @vvfkr/Newsflash)

The Crotone Fire Department shared the images on social media on the same day with the message: “This morning, the Operations Room of the Provincial Command of Crotone received a report of a dog that had fallen into the rocks of city port’s breakwater.

“At the scene, we found that the dog had fallen into the lowest part between the rocks, trapped between them about six metres down.”

Fire officials said the team descended into the breakwater and managed to rescue the animal and return it to its owner: “Firefighting units, after a thorough inspection, descended between the rocks and into the narrow cavity.

Fire Brigade crew with the rescued puppy which felled among the rocks of the pier in Crotone in Italy on the 14th of February 2022. (@vvfkr/Newsflash)

“As it was low tide, firefighters were able to reach the animal and rescue it.”

The fire brigade said the dog was wet and had suffered a leg injury after falling into the breakwater, but was otherwise in good condition.

The dog was handed over to its concerned owner after the rescue.

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