Firefighters Rescue Squirrel Stuck In Tree

Firefighters may be used to getting cats out of trees but it is very rare for the trapped animal to be a squirrel.

However that was the case recently in Austin, in the US state of Texas, this week when the squirrel got its head stuck in a knothole.

A 911 call reported from worried locals inform firefighters at school got its head stuck inside the hole in the tree.

Firefighter trying to free the squirrel who had somehow managed to get his head lodged in the knothole of a tree and was unable to free himself in the city of Austin, in the U.S. state of Texas, on 30th March 2021. (Austin Fire Department, Firefighter Austin Konopik/Clipzilla)

The caller expressed concern that the squirrel had been there quite some time and they were worried it might not be able to free itself without help.

A crew from Engine 38 from the Austin Fire Department then responded to the call.

Firefighter Austin Konopik shot a video of the rescue mission, which shows firefighter Steven Slaughter attempting to free the poor squirrel.

He was seen slowly trying to pull it out without injuring it.

Firefighter Shane Burton then joined his partner in the rescue mission and after a couple of minutes they managed to free the squirrel.

Jumping to the ground the school didn’t wait to say thanks before speedily dashing on its way.

The Fire Department state that they “have gotten lots of animals out of trees before, but this may be the first time we’ve literally gotten an animal OUT of a tree.”

“We’re always going to be there to come to the rescue of those who need it, whether they’ve got two legs or four.”

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