Fitness Influencer Shares Video Story Of Her Nursing Abandoned Kitten To Health And Happiness

This touching footage – viewed over 30 million times on TikTok – shows a stunning influencer rescuing a cute kitten she found abandoned and covered in fleas in her garden before nursing him to full health and introducing him to her dogs.

The heartwarming footage was taken by Albanian influencer Klara, 29, who shares adorable videos of her rescued cat for her army of 599,300 TikTok followers.

The video shows the abandoned kitten, who Klara affectionately named Mango, apparently very scared as he defends himself while Klara tries to help.

Klara, 29, who helped and adopted a stray kitten in Albania, posing with her car. (@lalibae_/Newsflash)

The 29-year-old fitness model, who also works as an occupational therapist, told Newsflash that she was inspired by Mango’s fighting spirit despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him.

She said: “What made me give a second chance to Mango was the way he was trying to protect himself even though he was so little.

“He survived [being] outside, hungry and covered in fleas, from the first day he was born probably.”

Klara, 29, who helped and adopted a stray kitten in Albania, posing with her dog. (@lalibae_/Newsflash)

The video goes on to show Mango slowly beginning to trust as she nurses him back to health by removing all his fleas one at a time and syringe feeding him milk.

Mango is seen slowly becoming friends with Klara’s two pet dogs and one pooch even licks the furry fellow clean at one point in the clip.

Klara said: “I uploaded the video purely as a memory for me to have as he grows older.”

Klara, 29, who helped and adopted a stray kitten in Albania. (@lalibae_/Newsflash)

However, she said she was surprised with the video’s popularity: “Almost immediately the video went viral with over 33 million views!”

Despite the effort it took to help Mango become a happy and healthy cat, the animal lover said: “It is not that hard to take care of them once they have their shots and a little training at home. It is all worth it.”

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