Fleeing Pilot Arrested After Plane With 300 Kg Of Cocaine On Board Is Intercepted By Air Force And Crashes

A plane with 300 kilogrammes of cocaine on board crashed when it was intercepted in the air and the pilot who tried to flee was arrested.


The incident took place in the northern Brazilian Mato Grosso region when the aeroplane carrying 296 kilogrammes (652 lbs) of cocaine and 1 kilogramme (2.2 lbs) of cannabis crashed on Tuesday night (7th September) after taking off from the nearby country of Bolivia, according to the police.

The police also said that they had seized the aeroplane, which was intercepted by the Brazilian Air Force after it flew over the border with Bolivia without a flight plan.

Plane from Bolivia carrying 297 kg of drugs crashes in Mato Grosso in Brazil in September 2021. (Policia Militar de Mato Grosso/Newsflash)

The pilot then reportedly attempted to crash land in an open field but he lost control of the aircraft and crashed. The images show the crashed aircraft lying upside down.

The suspect attempted to flee was later found and arrested, according to police.

The police are currently investigating the matter and attempting to locate other members of a drug trafficking organisation that smuggles illegal substances between Bolivia and Brazil.

The 297 kg of drugs that were inside the plane from Bolivia who crashed in Mato Grosso in Brazil in September 2021. (Policia Militar de Mato Grosso/Newsflash)

The health status of the arrested suspect is currently unknown. It is also unclear if he has been formally charged and what penalty he faces.

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