Fluffy Pooch Gains Huge Fanbase By Showing Off Fancy Moves And Lavish Long Fur During Playtime

This fluffy fella who loves to show off his impressive moves during playtime while flaunting his lavish white hair has become a real internet sensation.

The little Pomeranian named Irwin lives in Russia’s capital Moscow.

His owner, 49-year-old Natalia Volgunina, said her pet had always had lots of joy to share ever since he was a puppy.

The moment pomeranian named Irwin, who lives in Russia’s capital Moscow, jumps into the air on the snow. (@_prince_irvin_/Clipzilla)

Volgunina has created a dedicated Instagram page for the little pooch, where he gets to shows off cheerful snippets of his playtime activities and brandish his captivating features to more than 35,000 followers, and the number seems to keep growing by the day.

In one of the videos, Irwin can be seen happily wiggling around in the snow to an up-beat song that perfectly matches his cheerful ‘choreography’.

Volgunina said: “The videos are filmed in nature when we travel or go for a walk in the park.”

Irwin was born on 13th June 2017. He is now three years and nine months old. His name actually means ‘sunshine’, and he represents just that to his loving owner.

She added: “I gave him this name at birth, and I never wanted to change it.

“Irwin really enjoys his playtime and especially loves the snow. When he receives goodies, he is ready to dance, walk on two paws, and do all kinds of tricks. He first started dancing when he was six-seven months old.”

Irwin loves photo sessions and walks, he enjoys travelling by car, and likes to go to crowded places where he can be in the centre of attention.

He understands that he is a special dog. With little effort and training, this fluffy little creature can delight absolutely everyone.

On social networks, he receives tons of attention and a swarm of compliments every day.

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