Fluffy Panda Cub Wobbles On Hind Legs And Face Plants

This is the moment a fluffy panda cub explores its zoo enclosure for the first time and ends up wobbling on its hind legs and face-planting.

Adventure World, a theme park in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, released the adorable video of the panda discovering its enclosure for the first time on YouTube where it has been viewed 85,000 times.

In the video, the curious panda cub named Kaedehama seems ready to explore everything in its vicinity.

The fluffy panda cub explores its zoo enclosure for the first time in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama. (@Oficial World Adventure/Clipzilla)

Still unsteady on its feet, the panda waddles around after encountering its first difficult obstacle – steps.

Kaedehama is seen dragging its little body down the steps to explore the rest of its enclosure.

At one point, the fluffy cub is seen trying to stand on its hind legs, but loses balance and falls forwards, face-planting the ground and looking anxiously into the camera.

Apparently slightly shaken, the panda recovers and continues on its way as the footage ends.

Kaedehama was born on 22nd November 2020 weighing only 157 grammes. The zoo said that its growth has been steady and the cub now weighs over seven kilogrammes.

YouTube user ‘Kiki S97’ commented: “Adorable teddy bear! Love from Greece.”

Netizen ‘Linda Clayton’ said: “Poor baby needs a nap today, not ready to move about at all!”

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