German Armed Forces Airbus A310 MedEvac Brings Ukrainian Wounded For Treatment In Hanover And Cologne

Germany’s Air Force the Luftwaffe have carried out an airlift to take seriously injured people from Ukraine to hospitals in Hanover and Cologne.

The military flying hospital MedEvac A310 M took a selection of badly injured Ukrainians aged between four and 27 to Germany for urgent treatment.

In a post on Facebook Cologne Fire Brigade said: “Yesterday evening, the ‎‎#‎‎MedEvac‎‎ ‎‎#‎‎A310‎‎ of the Bundeswehr landed again at Cologne/Bonn Airport.

The injured Ukrainians transported from Poland to Germany at the Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne, Germany. (@Team_Luftwaffe/Newsflash)

“On board are several seriously injured Ukrainians ‎between 4 and 27 years. They were removed during the flight supervised by the medical service of the Bundeswehr and after landing in ‎Germany were handed over to the civilian rescue services. One of the patients was transported by our ambulance service to a Cologne hospital for maximum care.‎ We wish you a quick and complete recovery!‎ MedEvac stands for medical evacuation. The Airbus A310, known as the “flying intensive care unit”, has intensive care equipment that enables extensive care during the flight. Six intensive care beds are available, and 38 additional patients can be transposed lying down. The patients are accompanied by the medical service of the Bundeswehr.‎”

The Luftwaffe also tweeted about the landing saying: “A long day goes for our #A310 crew and @SanDstBw Finish. BUT every second was worth it! The injured have arrived safely ain and are receiving medical care. We wish you a speedy recovery. You are in good hands!”

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