Greek Photographer Becomes Online Hit For Stunning Nature Scenes

These are the stunning images shared by a Greek photographer with a passion for nature scenes.

Chriss Pavlou, 40, who comes from the Greek city of Farsala, said he mainly uses a Nikon Z6 II and Nikon D850 as his main cameras with different Tamron lenses and a FGP28C Go Plus Travel tripod.

Chriss, who considers himself an “amateur photographer” with 3,000 followers on Instagram, said: “One day I bought a camera and since then it has become a daily passion.”

A photo of the Milky Way by Chriss Pavlou, 40, from Farsala, Greece. (@xristos7pav/Newsflash)

He added: “I like most types of photography, there are times when I plan the shot I want to take, and prepare the place, the time, and even the season to achieve what I have in mind.

“However, when I have the camera in my hand, a landscape, a person, an expression, a movement, a light, or a situation will give me the inspiration to photograph it.

“I can say what the most important element for a great shot is in one word: light.”

A photo by Chriss Pavlou, 40, in Zagori, Greece. (@xristos7pav/Newsflash)

Chriss told Newsflash: “I try to convey what my eyes see with each photo, filtered by the emotion and magic of the moment.

“I like all types of photography when I have a story to tell, when they bring out and convey an emotion, when there is an elegant result.”

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