Fantasy Sky Tower With 99 Floating Islands Planned For Chinese Business District

This stunning tower featuring 99 floating islands 880 feet above the sea could soon be built in a rapidly-growing Chinese business district.

According to the architectural news site Archinect, the fantasy-like tower was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects in Japan.

The Sky Island Tower was submitted for the New City Centre Landmark contest for a new business district in the Chinese city of Shenzhen called Qianhai.

The project is intended to celebrate Qianhai District’s rapid urban development in recent years.

The 268-metre tall tower will appear to hover over Qianhai Bay and is comprised of 99 pillars (‘islands’) connected to an upper deck.

The design is intended to make the tower appear like one structure to “symbolise the future of societies in the age of diversity”:

Meanwhile, a large central core holds the tower in place while tension cables bear the rest of the load.

The upper deck boasts a restaurant, sky lobby, walkways, and an exhibition space.

The designers said that the proposed landmark will act as both a tower and a series of connected ‘islands’ with the structural elements adding a stunning effect of water falling from the tower into the sea below.

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