Greek Photographer Wows With Drone Images Over Landmarks

A Greek photographer has become an online sensation for his amazing drone images taken in Athens and other Greek landmarks.

Athens native Nikitas Fakar,33, who shares his collection on Instagram, told Newsflash that his love for aerial photography began when he bought a Mavic Air 2 drone that made him see the world from a different perspective.

He said:” I love to see beautiful places from the point of view of a drone. I used to have remote-controlled helicopters so it feels easy to fly a DJI Drone.

A photo of A small island next to Chalkida by Nikitas Fakar from Athens, Greece. (@nikitasfakar/Newsflash)

“When I see something while out driving, I just park and fly my drone to capture it.
I prefer natural images with no filters. Of course, all of them are edited in Lightroom because the photos are ‘raw’ and the colours are a little flat.”

Fakar, who works in the research and development of racing cars, explained that photography is a hobby that helps him relax from his stressful job.

He told Newsflash: “Every new video I make, I love more because I get better.”

A photo of Nikitas Fakar,33, from Athens, Greece. (@nikitasfakar/Newsflash)

Nikitas added: “As other professionals inspired me, I want also to show more of our beautiful world to more people.”

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