Hopes For Madison, 2, From New Jersey To Have Transplant After Sticking Hand In Meat Grinder

A desperate New Jersey mum is raising funds to reach a USD-100,000 target after her two-year-old daughter Madison stuck her hand in a meat grinder and it cut four of her fingers clean off.

The mum, Casey Cramer, who said that she is from the Pine Barrens in the state of New Jersey on the eastern coast of the USA, said that she is usually more of a “giver” than a “receiver” but she added that this time she was “asking for good karma”.

She said that her family was “experiencing a very traumatic time, the hardest thing we have ever been through” after her two-year-old daughter Madison reportedly stuck her hand in a meat grinder on Sunday 21st November.

Madison (2) from South Jersey who is hoping for hand transplantation after suffering very serious accident. (GoFundMe, Casey Cramer/Newsflash)

Madison’s mum said: “Madison is a very caring, sweet, bubbly child who has love for anyone she meets, especially for her sister and brother. She has a smile that can brighten anyone’s day and brings so much happiness and joy to any room she enters.

“She loves to be involved and is always asking to be of help… with everything… like many toddler’s do.”

But she said that on that Sunday, tragedy struck. She explained that she and her husband James were “processing harvested game” when their two daughters Maci and Madison “asked to help”.

She added: “This isn’t unusual as we allow our children to be involved and learn the ways of our life style. This is something they understand, find interest in and look forward to doing.

“While processing our game, Madison unexpectedly and very suddenly stuck her hand into the meat grinder. Four fingers on her right hand had wrapped around the auger inside the feed chute and were fully amputated.”

The mum added: “James pulled his two-year-old daughter’s hand from the grinder and ran for the front door.

“I immediately screamed for him to take her to the neighbor’s house.”

Casey added: “We are fortunate enough to live next door to first responders. These neighbors own a tree farm which just so happened to have another six or so first responders there at this very time picking out their Christmas trees. With immediate medical assistance, my daughter was quickly flown to Cooper University Trauma Center, where she was put into a nine-hour emergency surgery.”

Casey said that the surgery was successful. She said: “The fingers were retrieved and given to the surgeons before surgery began. Multiple hand, plastic, reconstructive and pediatric orthopedic surgeons worked hard to save her hand.

“They reattached the tip of her thumb, and put her pinky in place of her middle finger. The other fingers were not able to be reattached. Even more so of a hurdle, the thumb and middle finger have lost blood flow.

“Without blood flow, there is no chance of the fingers surviving. Unless a miracle happens by Monday.”

The post of Casey Cramer about Madison (2) from South Jersey who is hoping for hand transplantation after suffering very serious accident. (@casey.quinn.520/Newsflash)

Casey said that the medical expenses arising from her daughters treatment are increasing. She said: “My family is facing mounting medical expenses for her medical treatments, hospital stays, operations, traveling for appointments, helicopter transportation and my husband is away from work due to this. He is our families only source of income.”

She added: “I am very hopeful that with the help of many beautiful people around the world and modern medicine TOGETHER we can give Madison the opportunity to experience life as she knew it. My goal is to raise money for Madison to have a right hand again, someday. We have a very long road ahead.

“Any donation, large or small, is truly appreciated and will make a change for Madison. Even if you can not give, please share our story.

“I can not begin to tell you how much this all will mean to my family and especially to Madison. As she grows, she will know how loved she is. And I believe she will need all of the love and support she can get now because her life has been forever changed. I pray that if she finds herself losing hope she will look back and remind herself she has so much support.

“From each and every one of you. And that is why I would like to extend an invite to you. Please find Madison’s page on Facebook over the next few days and follow her story. Be a part of her journey. Be the reason she keeps smiling and never gives up.”

And on Monday 29th November, Casey posted an update in which she said: “Madison is scheduled for outpatient surgery on Thursday, December 2nd, both fingers that were reattached will be removed.

“I am sorry for a short message. I am struggling to hold it together long enough to process this unfortunate news.”

Casey has started a GoFundMe campaign (https://www.gofundme.com/f/madisons-hope-for-hand-transplantation) and had, at the time of writing, reached almost USD 4,000 (GBP 3,000) out of a USD-100,000 (GBP-75,000) goal.

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