A Car Thief Suspect Was Arrested By Cops After A Long Road Chase

A robbery suspect has been arrested on several charges after a long road chase.

The car thief suspect was arrested in the city of Rockingham and Kwinana City area in Western Australia on 12th May.

The chase for the suspect began when police saw the Volkswagen Amarok vehicle that had been stolen during an earlier commercial burglary, driven on Thomas Road in Medina at around 8.10 a.m.


Police tried to stop the vehicle, however, it appears that the driver did not stop at the officers’ signals and accelerated. Cops lost sight of the vehicle shortly thereafter.

In order to find out the coordinates of the fugitive’s movement, the police requested the help of the helicopter crew.

Soon, the police helicopter team found the vehicle and monitored its displacement as it drove through Wellard, Hillman and East Rockingham, reporting data on the suspect’s movement to police.

According to video images captured by the helicopter team’s recording technology, the stolen car was driven recklessly, at high speed, including on the wrong side of the highway, being a road danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

At one point the driver stopped and abandoned the stolen vehicle near a railway near Mandurah Road fleeing the scene.

The crew of the police helicopter directed the ground police officers to the location of the alleged robber where he was arrested shortly after leaving the vehicle.

The 29-year-old suspect is a resident of Parmelia. He is accused of Steal Motor Vehicle, Fail to Stop, Reckless Driving (to evade police), No Authority to Drive, Possessed Drug Paraphernalia, Breached a Family Violence Restraining Order.

According to the Western Australia Police Force, the suspect was refused bail and is due to appear in the Rockingham Magistrates Court on 13th May.

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