Huge Interactive Art Experience Awaits Behind Fridge In Las Vegas Supermarket

This is the incredible art experience customers enjoy at a Las Vegas supermarket where a mysterious drinks fridge leads to a mind-bending labyrinth of colourful designs that have gone viral online.

The immersive art experience takes place at Omega Mart in Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada.

Supermarket visitor Steve Yalo from Long Island in New York State told Newsflash: “When I arrived in Las Vegas I saw multiple advertisements starting in the airport and social media.

A store like an interactive art exhibit in Las Vegas, United States. (@steveyalo/Newsflash)

“This isn’t just a store. It’s an interactive art exhibit. Tickets are USD 45 per person and in my opinion it’s worth every cent. This is definitely a unique experience. The attention to detail was mesmerising and everywhere I looked I found myself staring at a fascinating piece of art.”

Steve posted a video of his experience on TikTok that went viral.

He said: “I did not expect this video to go viral. I was expecting maybe a few thousand views since this is an interesting place, but 3.5 million! I’ve never had a video gain this much exposure.

A store like an interactive art exhibit in Las Vegas, United States. (@steveyalo/Newsflash)

“If you are ever in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend a visit here. This is not a typical art exhibit. There’s actually a mission to complete and an entire story line to follow if you pay attention.

“When you enter, it starts out as what seems like a grocery store, but there are multiple passages to new areas and rooms with what I can only describe as fascinating interactive art installations.

“The attention to detail is incredible. Even inside the grocery store, every single product is unique. You can spend hours just reading the hilarious labels of all the peculiar products on the shelves. Most things are just for show, but there are many products you can purchase.”

A store like an interactive art exhibit in Las Vegas, United States. (@steveyalo/Newsflash)

Steve told Newsflash: “Omega Mart is an amalgamation of 60 different environments created by 350 artists, with a soundtrack by musicians including Brian Eno and Beach House. Stumble through a refrigerator of Omega sodas and into an extraordinary alternate reality where nothing is as it seems.

“Most guests usually spend up to 2 hours in the exhibition on their first visit. They recommend that you visit Omega Mart every year to see the additions, upgrades, and new rooms created by artists added to the permanent exhibition.

“Everything in Omega Mart can be purchased. If you see anything you like, you can pick it up on the way out and have a piece of art just for yourself.”

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