Inventor Takes Off On Green Goblin Hoverboard In Front Of Wowed Onlookers In LA

This is the moment a man takes off on a ‘Green Goblin’-type hoverboard with supersonic rotor blades in front of wowed spectators in LA as if it was a scene from a Spider-Man movie.

The takeoff was filmed by professional skateboarder and influencer Brandon DesJarlais from Portland in Oregon who currently lives in Venice in Los Angeles in California.

Brandon, a longboard skateboarder who created his own course called Pure Longboarding, boasts 553,000 followers on TikTok, 107,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 10,000 subscribers on YouTube where he regularly posts skateboarding content.

@desgnarlais, @itsbrookejohnson/Real Press

One recent clip of a man taking off on a ‘Green Goblin’-type hoverboard was widely shared on his social media platforms with the message: “Only in Venice will you roll up to the skatepark and randomly see the Green Goblin shredding the bowl.”

Brandon told Real Press: “I am creating a new longboarding app in addition to all the random sponsorships and brand deals I have. My first real passion was for creating fun videos with my buddies, and I’d be lying if ‘Jackass’ wasn’t a huge part of that!

“In middle school I started longboarding and those two hobbies eventually began to fuse more and more over the years.”

@desgnarlais, @ibader7x/Real Press

Regarding the ‘Green Goblin’ – a supervillain who mainly appears in Spider-Man stories – hoverboard video, Brandon told Real Press: “The drone is from a guy named Hunter Kowald who has apparently been working on this project for quite a while.

“The craziest part about this video I took is right before I went to bed, the night before, I saw some random video of him show up on TikTok.

“To be skating around Venice the next day and randomly see him was surreal.”

@desgnarlais, @itsbrookejohnson/Real Press

At the end of April, Hunter Kowald said on social media: “Sharing a little behind the scenes of the Hoverboard Aircraft launch video. We’re currently collaborating with and surprising amazing creators all over the internet!

“After years of time and effort, I can’t find a way to explain how happy it makes me to see everyone’s reaction. I appreciate everyone’s support to drive this forward.

“A number of years in research and design has led to the completion of engineering and testing on one of the world’s first hoverboards capable of transporting a person by standing on top.

@desgnarlais, @itsbrookejohnson/Real Press

“This aircraft is the most compact, powerful and efficient design capable of aggressively manoeuvring through the air.

“The following is based off of a 185lb person: 1. Test results show it can lift all up 500lbs. 2. Custom carbon fibre structure has been tested with a 1.5x safety factor and successfully loaded with 750lbs. “3. Redundancy throughout all electrical components allows the device to monitor and select its strongest signal.

“4. Two motors can fail and safe landing is possible. 5. 1 out of 5 power systems can be lost and safe landing is possible. 6. In an emergency, propeller rotation is capable of breaking the speed of sound and sustain supersonic, to compensate forces lost.

“7. FAA aircraft navigation lighting. 8. VTOL and custom components, all industrial grade equipment.”

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