Kentucky Woman Stabs Cousin During Row Over Sex Toy She Borrowed From Him

A Kentucky woman has been arrested for stabbing her male cousin after he asked that she return a sex toy she had borrowed from him.

The incident took place at the suspect’s home in the city of Corbin in the US state of Kentucky on 28th October.

Recently-released court papers said that the suspect, named as Crystel Denham, 33, called the cops to her house after allegedly knifing her cousin, named as Michael Barton.

Crystal Denham who stabbed her cousin, Michael Barton, when he asked her to return the borrowed sex toys. (Whitley County Detention Center/Newsflash)

According to the documents, Barton went to his cousin’s house and quickly became embroiled in “an argument over a sex toy”.

Denham had reportedly borrowed her cousin’s sex toy and he wanted it back.

During the row, Barton is said to have grabbed his cousin’s arm after she told him to get out of her house.

Denham, holding a kitchen knife in her hand, allegedly responded by stabbing him.

She told the police that she did not think she drew blood.

The police said that Barton, who lives close to his cousin, sustained “three minor cuts” in the incident, and accused his cousin of “acting crazy” when he tried to leave the house.

When cops got to the scene, the suspect was sweeping her home porch.

According to the police, Denham allegedly “formed a fist with each of her hands”, “swelled her chest out” and adopted a fighting stance before approaching a cop, who quickly subdued her.

Denham has been charged with misdemeanour counts of menacing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest as well as felony assault.

She is being held at the Whitley County Detention Center with a scheduled court date of 20th December.

It is currently unclear what kind of sex toy she borrowed from him.

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