Knifeman, 17, Jailed For Killing Rival In Oldham Street Fight

A teenager has been jailed for 16 years for fatally stabbing a young man during a street knife battle in Oldham earlier this year.

Charlie Elms, 25, was fatally stabbed in Oldham in May by Karl Marler, 17.

The Greater Manchester Police said in a statement on 22nd December: “Today at Manchester Crown Court, Karl Marler (18/01/2004) of Third Avenue, Limeside has been jailed for 16 years after previously being found guilty of the murder of Charlie Elms in Oldham in May 2021.

The fatal stabbing of 25-year-old Charlie Elms in Manchester, England. (@GtrManchesterPolice/Newsflash)

“Today’s sentence follows a trial at Manchester Crown Court in which the jury heard how on the afternoon of 26 May 2021 a blue Vauxhall Corsa, containing: Charlie Elms, Macauley McDonald (08/12/1995), Frazer McDonald (22/09/2001), Josh Newport (27/05/1998), Luke Cloran (11/03/2003) and Kian Bobmanuel (13/04/2000) had pulled onto Fifth Avenue, Oldham, before all the men exited the vehicle and began to attack a house on the street.

“Inside the property at the time was Karl Marler, Melvin Whelan (09/07/1982), Elliot Matthews (23/11/2003) and two 16-year-old boys who cannot be named for legal reasons.

“Marler and the rest his group left the property – with one of the 16-year-olds wielding a meat cleaver – causing the other group to retreat and flee the scene.

The fatal stabbing of 25-year-old Charlie Elms in Manchester, England. (@GtrManchesterPolice/Newsflash)

“As the original group fled in the Corsa, Charlie Elms and Josh Newport were left behind and attempted to run after the car to escape.

“As they did so both men tripped and fell, allowing Marler to catch up with them and fatally stab Charlie.”

The victim tried to flee but succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The fatal stabbing of 25-year-old Charlie Elms in Manchester, England. (@GtrManchesterPolice/Newsflash)

Marler fled the scene and went missing for 16 days before his arrest on 16th June.

The police said: “Macauley McDonald of Hewart Close, Manchester; Frazer McDonald of Kilton Walk, Manchester; Luke Cloran of Hewart Close, Manchester; Josh Newport of Pollard Street, Manchester; Kian Bobmanuel of Emmett Street East, Manchester and Melvin Whelan of Greenacres Road, Oldham have all pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

“Elliot Matthews of Coalshaw Green Road, Oldham has pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed instrument.”

The fatal stabbing of 25-year-old Charlie Elms in Manchester, England. (@GtrManchesterPolice/Newsflash)

They are all due to be sentenced at a later date.

The Greater Manchester Police said: “A 16-year-old from Oldham pleaded guilty to violent disorder and possession of a bladed article and was sentenced to a 12 month referral order at a previous hearing.

“The second 16-year-old, from Oldham, was also sentenced to a six month referral order after pleading guilty to assisting an offender.”

The suspect, Karl Marler (pictured), who stabbed Charlie Elms in Manchester, England. (GMP/Newsflash)

Police Major Incident Team spokesperson Carl Jones said: “This was a shocking episode of violence which very sadly led to the death of a 25-year-old man. Thankfully no one else sustained any serious injuries that day but the outcome could have been far worse and the actions of all those involved are completely inexcusable.

“Charlie’s death at such a young age is something no family should ever have to experience and all our thoughts are with them as they continue to process this horrendous ordeal. I hope today’s sentence provides them with a small sense of justice and comfort knowing that Marler will now be behind bars for 16 years and unable to cause harm to any other individuals.”

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