Limo Driver In Clown Mask Breaks Into Vegas Airport With Fake Bomb In Bid To Fly To Area 51

A 36-year-old man in a limo has breached a Las Vegas airport in a clown mask with a fake bomb covered in fairy lights so he could hijack a jet to fly to Area 51 – the famous site of alien conspiracy theories.

Matthew Hancock, 36, who told the police to address him as “the chosen one”, drove a Lincoln Continental through security fences at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas in Nevada on 8th December.

According to the suspect’s arrest report, the police received a call about a limo driver performing doughnuts in the car park for the air carrier JSX.

Matthew Hancock (34), the driver with clown mask that rammed Vegas airport fence. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police/Newsflash)

It was later reported that the limo driver breached two other fences and was driving recklessly on the north side of the Las Vegas airport. Officers encountered the suspect near driving between several planes before he stopped the car.

The arrest report said Hancock then got out of the vehicle and put on a clown mask before telling workers that he had a bomb.

The workers took cover and the police arrived on the scene. While arresting Hancock, he told officers that he had a shotgun and a “gasoline device” in his vehicle, according to the police.

He also reportedly told the police that he wanted to steal a plane to fly to Area 51 air base in Nevada, and that they should address him as “the chosen one”.

Officers searched the vehicle and found a “hoax bomb device” fitted with Christmas fairy lights and other objects protruding from a large cylinder with a pressure gauge on top.

Under questioning, Hancock claimed he was the driver who went viral on TikTok last month for driving a limo recklessly along the main strip in Las Vegas.

He also said that he did not have anything in his car that could cause harm to anyone.

The police said the suspect has a criminal record for obstructing a public officer, violating protection orders, and domestic violence.

According to local reports, Hancock is being held at the Clark County Detention Center for trespassing, making a threat or providing false information about an act of terror, and dispersing a hoax substance.

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