Meet The Photographer Who Snaps The Icy Wilderness In Argentinas Southern Tip

These stunning wintry images were taken by an Argentine photographer who lives in the country’s icy southern tip.

Sebastian Ingleses, 39, who comes from the north-western Argentine city of San Juan, now lives in the country’s southern tip in the city of Ushuaia.

Sebastian told Newsflash: “My passion for photography began with trips out on my mountain bike, passing through incredible places.

A photo of Sebastian Ingleses, 39, from north-western Argentine. (@sebaingles/Newsflash)

“I always said I have to come back with a camera, so I started taking pictures with my mobile phone until I could one day buy a camera and capture beautiful places and moments.

“I now use a Nikon D7200 camera with 18-140 lens and a Galaxy S21 Ultra phone.

On his first trip into Patagonia, he said: “I left my guidebooks and travelogues at home, I was blown away by the big, jagged mountain top glaciers and the fierce wastelands.”

A photo of El Chalten mountains by Sebastian Ingleses, 39, in Argentina. (@sebaingles/Newsflash)

He said El Chalten is one of his favourite mountains, and that he is drawn to it because the path follows along the Del Salto stream to the area of Laguna Madre e Hija, where he can always take amazing pictures.

He said: “From there, the path climbs steeply for about 400 metres until it reaches Laguna de Los Tres, and it takes over an hour of strong effort.“

He told Newsflash: “I prefer natural scenes and I choose subjects that are interesting to me. For example, I avoid shooting landscape nature photos when the sky is clear and without clouds or appearing moody.

A photo of mountains by Sebastian Ingleses, 39, in Argentina. (@sebaingles/Newsflash)

“I am continually discovering new places and getting to know more of Patagonia. I think it is good to change scenes and moments, and visit different places.

“Most of my photos are spontaneous, I think they turn out the best, and usually when I’m in nature or looking at a spectacular landscape.

“It inspires me to show other people these unique moments. I like to constantly improve so each photo comes out better than the last.”

A photo of mountains by Sebastian Ingleses, 39, in Argentina. (@sebaingles/Newsflash)

Sebastian told Newsflash: “I love showing Patagonian beauty to the world. Some people travel to the places they see in photos, and going somewhere you once saw in a picture is an incredible feeling.”

He added: “I don’t use special effects, only natural filters for scenes such as sunsets and sunrises, but generally nature does not need a filter. Especially here in stunning Patagonia!”

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