Soothing Moment Cute Baby Panda Takes Nap As Rain Heard Pounding Building

This soothing footage shows a celebrity baby panda taking a nap as rain can be heard pounding on the building.

Kaedehama, the celebrity baby panda who can be found at the Adventure World theme park in Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan, can be seen in this footage taking a nap while lying on top of a climbing device with his arms loosely drooped either side of him.

The footage was shared online by the theme park who said (in Japanese): “Unfortunately it’s raining in Shirahama today! ‘Kaedehama’ and mother panda ‘Ryohama’ spend time in the indoor playground. It was ‘Kaedehama’ who sleeps comfortably on the balance beam while listening to the sound of rain.”

Mother panda Ryohama relaxing in the indoor playground in Adventure World, Japan. (ADVENTURE WORLD/Newsflash)

They added that Kaedehama is now 337 days old and weighs 25.68 kilogrammes (56.6 lbs), up a considerable amount since the 157 grammes that he weighed at birth.

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