Michigan Man Sets Fun Games For 3 Mischievous Ferrets

This is the moment an animal lover sets fun games for his three mischievous ferrets including making them chase a drone hovering just above their heads as well as run through a long plastic tube.

Ferret owner Calvin, known as ‘Ferret Daddy’ on Instagram, accompanied the footage with the message: “Something to keep them busy!”

Calvin, who works for a financial institution in the US state of Michigan, told Newsflash that he has three ferrets aged between two and three years old.


He added: “I have had them for nearly three years now, and they live in my house.

“When I am home, they are allowed out of their cage to be with me.”

Calvin told Newsflash: “When I am out or working, they have a large cage so I can make sure they are safe.”


In the first clip, Calvin teases the three ferrets with a small drone hovering just above their heads in the living room.

The second video shows the pet owner placing a small microphone next to his sleeping ferrets to capture the cute snoring sounds they make.

In the third clip, Calvin is seen dragging a long tube along the floor as the three excited ferrets give chase.


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