Missouri Male Nurse Convicted Of Raping Patient At Hospital After Giving Her Morphine And Other Drugs

A male nurse in Missouri has been convicted of raping a patient at the hospital where he worked after giving her morphine and other pain drugs.

The incident took place at Centerpoint hospital in the city of Independence, in the southern US state of Missouri.

Chukwuemeka U. Emmanuel, age unknown, has been convicted of first-degree rape at his trial on Wednesday 1st December.

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel was convicted of raping a female patient while he worked as a nurse at an Independence hospital. (Jackson County Detention Center/Newsflash)

Court documents indicated that a patient at Centerpoint hospital told police that she had been raped by a male nurse, who the cops later identified as the defendant.

She had asked him for help in cleaning herself because she had a catheter that made it difficult.

The patient had also been given morphine and other medicine at the time of the incident.

She told him to stop and said that he was causing her pain on several occasions as he was raping her.

Another nurse at the hospital, who has not been named, told police she had been in a relationship with the defendant who had called her to say that he was going to flee to Nigeria because of the rape accusation.

But he was later caught and taken into custody.

A sentencing hearing is set to take place on 27th January 2022.

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