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Moment Skateboarding Bulldog Slobbers On Strangers Board After Taking It For A Spin

A kindhearted Chinese skateboarder had his board covered in slobber after he allowed a pretty woman to borrow it – for her pet bulldog to play with.

The keen skateboarder identified only as Mr Chen said the pretty young woman showed up with her bulldog while he was hanging out with friends in the city of Fuding in the Chinese province of Fujian.

The bulldog suddenly took a keen interest in Mr Chen’s board, and was able to ride it remarkably well, at one point even making a beeline for someone else’s board to try that as well.

Bulldog rushes to skateboard in Fuding, China. (familyskate/AsiaWire)

Mr Chen got his skateboard back from the dog in the end, adding that it was fine after the dog used it, but covered in saliva.

Mr Chen also said that he hoped to meet the pretty dog owner again and leave his contact details this time, so they could maybe go skateboarding together in the future.

In the footage, the dog is seen cruising along the pavement on the skateboard as its owner struggles to keep up.

Bulldog rushes to skateboard in Fuding, China. (familyskate/AsiaWire)

Another skateboarder whizzes past and the dog suddenly makes a beeline for his board, apparently jumping on it as the video ends.

In the second clip, the dog is seen biting onto the skateboard as the owner tries to take it away.

She eventually puts the board back on the ground and lets the dog have another go around the square.

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