Moment Tree Frogs Engage In Frenzied Feast Of Insect Meals At Aussie Zoo

This is the moment several tree frogs are given a feast of insects at the Billabong Zoo in Australia and they can be seen tucking in with gusto.

A video of the frogs feeding was filmed at Billabong Zoo, Koala and Wildlife Park, in Port Macquarie, Australia.

In the video, several magnificent tree frogs are seen having fun while eating insects from the hand of a zookeeper.

Billabong Zoo, Koala and Wildlife Park/Clipzilla

The frogs seem to be ‘fighting’ for their food.

Billabong Zoo, Koala & Wildlife Park posted this video on YouTube with the message: “It’s worth visiting our Reptile House to see the array of reptiles and frogs that call Billabong Zoo home, including these Magnificent Tree Frogs”

Krysti Giles, Marketing and Social Media Manager at Billabong Zoo, Koala, and Wildlife Park told Clipzilla: “Ever wondered why frogs close their eyes while they eat?

“Frogs don’t just blink like humans while they eat, they in fact use their eyes to help swallow their meal. This is because they don’t have teeth to chew, nor does their tongue anchor to the back of their mouths so it can’t push the food downwards.

“Their eyes retract and sink into the skull slightly putting pressure on top of their mouth to push the food along. If closing their eyes doesn’t work quick enough, they’ll use their feet as well to finish it off.”

A tree frog is any species of frog that spends a major portion of its lifespan in trees or other high-growing vegetation.

In most cases, they do not descend to the ground, unless they mate and reproduce, although some build foam nests on the leaves and rarely leave the trees as adults.

Tree frogs are usually small, reaching 10 centimetres or more because their weight must be carried by branches and twigs in their habitats. Normally they are smaller and thinner than terrestrial frogs.

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