NICKED: Evil Mum Who Cut Adopted Son’s Manhood With Scissors

A mum who cut her adopted son’s penis as a punishment has been seized by police after seven years on the run.

Deusiane dos Reis Santos, 46, fled after using scissors to slash the seven-year-old’s manhood at the family home in Belford Roxo, Brazil, in 2015.

The attack was only discovered after the lad was returned to a children’s home three months later when horrified staff saw his injuries.

Deusiane dos Reis Santos who was arrested on 6th of July 2022 in Minas Gerais, Brazil, for cutting 7-year-old boy’s penis in 2015, to punish him for aggressive behavior. (Newsflash)

Police say the attack left a “deep wound” on the boy’s penis.

Dos Reis Santos had claimed the youngster had snagged his penis in his trouser fly before she fled.

The lad told police he had been attacked with scissors after his adoptive mother accused him of bad behaviour.

He also claimed she had threatened to cut his manhood on many previous occasions.

Police had declared Dos Reis Santos a fugitive from justice three years ago.

She was eventually discovered in hiding hundreds of miles away on 6th July.

According to prosecutor Maria Cristina Faria Magalhaes, Dos Reis Santos carried out the sick act “consciously and voluntarily”.

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