Outrage As Turkish Driver Speeds On Motorway With Steering Wheel Removed

This is the moment a Turkish motorist drives on a motorway without the steering wheel attached, sparking outrage on social media.

The incident was filmed in the city of Antalya in the south-western Turkish province of the same name, and the footage was widely shared on social media last week.

In the clip, the motorist is seen driving along a motorway while holding his detached steering wheel and being filmed by a friend in the passenger seat.


It is unclear if the steering wheel broke off or whether the driver removed it himself, however, the incident sparked outrage on social media with netizens criticising the unnamed man for endangering other road users’ lives.

Netizen ‘Rotchu’ commented: “Well done boys. In the next video, remove the gearbox and give it a go. You will be a complete phenomenon!”

‘In the name of the law’ wrote: “The kind of people we live with! We should gather these people and send them to the remotest island in the world.”


‘Alpha’ said: “Ban this social media nonsense right now. It doesn’t do anything and it kills the brain cells of those with already limited minds.”

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