Photographer Takes Perfect Video of Balloon in Front of Pink Moon

These incredible images of a balloon and a mountain in front of the pink moon were taken by an amateur photographer and drone pilot in Turkey.

The pink moon dazzled night skies around the world last night when the moon appeared bigger and brighter than usual.

The unusual lunar spectacle was visible after the huge satellite was visible as an unusually large desk overhead.


It also had a particular hue to it at dawn and dusk where it was especially bright.

Experts at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London said that the moon appeared around 14% bigger than usual and 30 per cent brighter, and was visible all over the world.

The snaps were taken in Turkey by Isa Turan, a 40-year-old living in Izmir, a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast, who is a keen amateur photographer and drone pilot.


He specialised in taking pictures of the moon and has been enthusiastically shooting them throughout the year, and asked his online followers what he should shoot in advance of this lunar spectacle appearing.

He said that as the subject was the pink moon, and balloons and flamingos stood out the most, and in the end, had managed to make it happen for his followers.

On the first day it was cloudy and unproductive, but his perseverance paid off and later he was able to capture spectacular images of flamingos in front of the moon, as well as a balloon passing in front of the moon and even the moon passing behind a mountain.


The luck of course involved careful planning on location and based on experience, but nevertheless, he was delighted when it was successful.

He said: “I was nevertheless really surprised when all worked out. You can hear my screams of joy reflected in the recording of the video I took with my mobile phone.”

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