Atlanta Cops Save Man Having Seizure In Burning Car

This is the dramatic moment Atlanta cops save a man having a seizure in a burning car by smashing the window to pull him to safety.

The incident was filmed in a petrol station in southwest Atlanta in the US state of Georgia on the evening of 25th April.

Atlanta Police Department said on social media: “APD Zone 4 officers save a man who was unconscious in a burning car.”

Atlanta Police Department/Newsflash

The police said officers on the scene determined that they needed to get the man out of the burning vehicle quickly to avert tragedy.

In the video, an officer is heard saying on the radio: “I got somebody having a seizure and the car is on fire.”

The backup cop arrives on the scene and runs towards the burning vehicle to help colleagues already trying to extinguish the fire.

Atlanta Police Department/Newsflash

They then break into the man’s car and eventually drag him free.

The driver, name not disclosed, was taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. There have been no further updates on his condition.

Several officers were also attended to for minor injuries.

Atlanta Police Department/Newsflash

Police spokesperson Dekonti Davis said: “It was just another day’s hard work. Even in this really emotionally charged climate involving law enforcement, we didn’t think… we just had to save a life.”

The other Atlanta cops involved in the rescue have been named as J. Sutton Jr., S.Verrelien, and A. Ruffin, M. Bouquette.

A statement issued by Atlanta PD said: “Officers responded to 4511 Campbellton Rd on an Auto Accident. Upon arrival, units noticed the driver was having a seizure and trapped inside of a burning vehicle. Officers responded quickly and were successful in getting the driver out safely. Driver and Officers were both transported to Grady with minor injuries.”

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