PLAYBOY MANSION: Brazilian Hugh Hefner With 8 Wives Told To Leave Town

A modern-day Hugh Hefner who is building a mansion for himself and his eight beautiful “wives” has slammed cowards who wrote graffiti on the wall of his new home saying “Demon family, go away, you are not welcome”.

The model and influencer Arthur Urso is building the so-called “mansion of free love” in a VIP part of the port city of Joao Pessoa in north-eastern Brazil.

But it seems the locals are not in favour of the unwanted attention the development is attracting, and Arthur woke up in the morning to be told that the wall of the property had been vandalised with the message demanding they move out.

Model and influencer Arthur O Urso, Luana Kazaki, (left) Melina Khalifa, (middle left) Emelly Souza, (middle right) Kyara Fiore, (right) pose in undated photo. He lives with eight ‘wives’ in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. (@arthurourso/Newsflash)

Sharing pictures of the incident he wrote: “Today was a sad day, after waking up and opening the door for the construction team, I was told that the mansion wall was graffitied! I will find out who did this and take the appropriate steps.

“I’m not doing anything wrong by building a home for myself and my wives. We just want to live in peace! We consider every form of love to be just.”

He said a police report was filed but no update was given about whether those responsible had been identified.

The facade of the house of Arthur O Urso with graffiti ‘Family of the devil, go away!!! You are not welcome!’, undated. The model and influencer lives with his eight ‘wives’ in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. (@arthurourso/Newsflash)

The mansion is located on a 700-square-foot plot of land and is being extensively renovated, with the project modelled on the lines of the “Playboy mansion” conceived by Hugh Hefner.

The model was originally married to his first wife Luana Kazaki, but, according to him, the two then made the decision to increase the number of people in the relationship and eventually added an additional seven ‘wives’. The other seven people in the relationship had been with him for between a year and three years and they were named as Thayenne, Kyara, Melina, Bethany, Taina, Lorena and Emelly.

Arthur confirmed he had asked for the hand of the other women, who accepted, and they had then held a symbolic marriage.

Model and influencer Arthur O Urso, poses with his wives in undated photo. He lives with eight ‘wives’ in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. (@arthurourso/Newsflash)

He has already gone through a monogamous marriage and has a daughter from a previous relationship, and said he wants more children.

The model said that since he was a teenager he had preferred multiple partners.

He added: “Since My adolescence, I discovered I was not born to be monogamous. It was from this period that I began to delve deeper into the subject, through films and documentaries.”

Model and influencer Arthur O Urso, Emelly Souza, (left) Kyara Fiore, (middle) Melina Khalifa, (right) pose in undated photo. He lives with eight ‘wives’ in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. (@arthurourso/Newsflash)

He participated with his wife Luana in the reality show ‘Se Se Sobreviver, Case’ and adds that all eight wives are free to have relationships with other people, but, according to him, so far this has never happened.

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