Police Officer Awarded For Facing Down A Wrong Way Driver

BLUE ASH OHIO: A police officer who arrested a dangerous driver who was driving in the wrong direction has been praised for his courage. The officer, known as Mike Jackson, saved the lives of a traffic offender and other drivers on Interstate 71 in Ohio in the United States on 31st May. The authorities were informed about a man, later identified as Kelsey Peterson, 25, who was travelling in the wrong direction on I-71 North near Sycamore Township around 9.15 am. Shortly after, Jackson responded to the call. When the officer saw Peterson’s car, he blocked its path. Peterson was arrested and fined for traffic offences and released following a hearing on Tuesday. Jackson has been awarded the Meritorious Police Service Commendation for Courage, which recognises an act of bravery intelligently performed involving personal risk to life or for another life-saving act, on 2nd June.

Footage shot: 31 May 2021

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