Ravens Play With Their Own Shadows During Mating Ritual At Grand Canyon

This amazing footage shows ravens playing with their own shadows against a rock face during a mating ritual at the Grand Canyon.

The group of ravens, wonderfully termed an ‘unkindness’, was filmed at the Grand Canyon in the US state of Arizona and the footage was shared on social media on 22nd March.

In the video, the ravens are heard making shrill calls as they fly in front of a rock face seemingly showing off to both the other birds and their own shadows.

Gathering of the ravens in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona in the United States. (NPS, R.Lane/Newsflash)

The Grand Canyon National Park said on Facebook: “Ravens Playing with their Shadows.

“The courting display of the Common raven (Corvus corax) consists of wild acrobatics, daring flight behaviour, and courageous free falls along sheer cliffs to impress their potential mate.

“Take a ‘Minute Out In It’ to witness a particularly impressive gathering of ravens, called an ‘unkindness’, near Pima Point, where the morning sun allowed these intelligent birds to play with their shadows along the vertical face.”

Facebook user ‘Sabine Schramm’ commented: “I love ravens!”

Netizen ‘Mona Ruehling’ said: “Ravens are anything but ‘common’.”

‘Sandra L Searles’ wrote: “Beautiful!”

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