Moment Sea Lion Frolics In Water In Front Of Golden Gate Bridge

This is the moment a sea lion frolics in the sea in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The picturesque scene was filmed at Kirby Cove in front of the Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, and was shared on social media by the Golden Gate National Park Service on 22nd March.

The Golden Gate NPS said on Facebook: “We aren’t the only creatures that like to splash around, sea lions at Kirby Cove do too! This #WorldWaterDay we celebrate the value of water and the importance of safeguarding it for everyone.”

A sea lion splashing around in the waters of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, USA. (@GoldenGateNPS, L Volski NPS/Newsflash)

World Water Day is a United Nations observance day held on 22nd March every year.

In the footage, the sea lion is seen leaping in and out of the water near the shore in front of the iconic bridge in San Francisco.

As the camera follows the sea lion’s route, it is seen diving in and out of the sea like a dolphin.

The Golden Gate Bridge opened in May 1937. Before then, the only practical route across the bay was by boat. A ferry service began as far back as 1820 with a scheduled service beginning in the 1840s.

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